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» Intercultural library » Reading and learning languages


Reading and learning languages – Public libraries speak many languages

Reading languages

Mutter mit Kind in der Bücherei © Eva EngelbertThe media available at the Vienna Public Libraries reflect the city’s cultural and linguistic diversity.
Our branches offer a wide selection of books and other media in various languages, such as, for example, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.
For an overview of the languages available at the individual branches, please click on the following links:
If you are looking for a specific item, please use our online catalogue.

Learning languages

Apart from media in foreign languages, the Vienna Public Libraries also offer a large selection of language-learning tools to acquire and improve language skills for leisure, job and career purposes:
  • Language courses for all learning levelsZwei Männer vor einem PC © Eva Engelbert
  • Dictionaries, grammar books, textbooks, workbooks
  • Literacy courses
  • Exercise material to supplement the language courses
  • Language and communication training courses on CD or CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
  • Business language courses for job & career purposes
  • Phrase books for travelling
  • Easy readers: easy-to-read books to get started with a new foreign language (for various language levels)
  • Bilingual series of books and series for first readers
  • Foreign-language newspapers and magazines
  • Films and audio books in many languages
  • Language-learning magazines
  • Language-learning aids for children
Within the language-learning section special attention is paid to German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache, DaF).
A great deal of our media can be used on site. To this end, work and audio stations are available for library users at many branches. In addition, there is literature on all language-related topics: linguistics, dialects, sign language, translation...

At the Virtual Vienna Public Library eBooks, eAudios and ePapers can be borrowed by downloading them from www.virtuellebuecherei.wien.at. The selection includes a wide range of fiction, non-fiction books, guidebooks, travel guides, newspapers and magazines as well as language courses and grammar books for many languages. On top of that, easy English texts for reading published by Langenscheidt are available.
Do you have questions regarding the foreign-language media and language-learning tools offered by the Vienna Public Libraries?
Send us an e-mail or turn to the librarians at your branch.

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