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Intercultural media and events for children

Promoting reading in a child’s mother tongue has a positive impact on the acquisition of the second language and consequently also on a child’s learning success in school. To support children in improving their reading skills in their mother tongue and learning foreign languages, the Vienna Public Libraries offer numerous media for children in various languages.

Library holdings

The Vienna Public Libraries offer books, audio books, films and comics in the following languages:Drei Mädchen in der Kinderabteilung der Hauptbücherei © Julia Wesely
  • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Items in many other languages are available at the Central Library and the Children's World Library.

In some languages bilingual books and simplified texts for reading (graded readers) are available as well.
For a detailed list of the foreign-language media available at the individual branches, including the branches offering media for children please click here.
If you are looking for a specific item, please use our online catalogue.

Language-learning tools for children are available at all branches: language courses (books, CD-ROMS, etc.), learning aids in all foreign languages taught at secondary schools, dictionaries, pictorial dictionaries etc.

To raise awareness and interest in language(s), you will also find numerous books at the Vienna Public Libraries that support a playful way of dealing with language (language- game books, lyric poetry for children, multilingual children’s books etc.


Several branches organize children's events, such as bilingual reading rounds, on a regular basis.

The Children's World Library in one of Vienna’s most linguistic diverse districts, “Am Meiselmarkt” in the 15th district, offers various readings, workshops and activities in different languages for children involving parent members from various diverse linguistic communities.

All intercultural events are listed on our German-language site, which is updated on a monthly basis.
All events for children held at the Vienna Public Libraries are listed at www.kirango.at

Intercultural newsletter: If you are interested in receiving regular information about the multilingual and intercultural program of the Vienna Public Libraries please subscribe to our bilingual "intercultural library" newsletter (English, German).

Even more intercultural programs for children – it’s story time

At our children's website www.kirango.at you will find stories in various languages to listen to. This is where we collect stories that children, adolescents and adults told us in different languages. We would also appreciate new stories – if you want to contribute click here for information on how it works and what is important.

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