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» Intercultural library

Logo Interkulturelle Bücherei Wien © Büchereien WienIntercultural library

The Vienna Public Libraries see themselves as a place of integration and intercultural learning, a place of acquiring and maintaining language skills from an early age onwards, and as a bridge between countries. It is their way of responding to the cultural diversity in our society.

The Vienna Public Libraries – an intercultural network

The Central Library is the "language centre" of the Vienna Public Libraries: As the largest branch of the Vienna Public Libraries it accommodates a wide range of media in various languages and language learning tools.

The Children's World Library is located in one of Vienna’s most linguistic diverse districts, “Am Meiselmarkt” in the 15th district and supports children and youth with literature in more than 40 different languages. These languages include Pashto, Dari, Romani and Sorani. The library offers various readings, workshops and activities in different languages for children involving parent members from various diverse linguistic communities.

Library branches with an intercultural focus in the 2nd, 10th, 11th, 15th, 17th, and 20th districts offer a well-assorted selection of items in Turkish and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, and also some items in other languages.

Additionally, eleven branches provide a basic stock of books in the Turkish and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages.

Are you interested in foreign-language media or language-learning tools but your nearest branch does not have an intercultural focus? – No problem: users of Vienna Public Libraries have access to the entire selection of media available within the library system. If a certain item or an item in a particular language is not available at the branch nearest you, you can have it delivered to the branch of your choice for a small fee.

Do you have questions regarding the holdings of foreign-language media and language-learning tools of the Vienna Public Libraries? Send us an e-mail or turn to the librarians at your branch.

Tips on how to use the library in Bosnian/Croatian, English, French, Russian, Serbian, Turkish.

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