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To register with the Vienna Public Libraries, you will need to register in person with a valid photo ID.

For secondary school students, a valid student ID is sufficient. Children under the age of 14 require a statement of consent signed by their parent or guardian.
Forms are available directly at the library or can be downloaded online.
Institution cards are available for institutions such as nurseries, schools etc. Institutions are exempt from the annual fee and from reminder fees. Reservation fees still apply.

A statement of consent written by the institution is required in addition to a photo ID of the person in charge. The necessary forms are available in your library or as downloads. The institution card is valid until the end of the current school year. Its period of validity can be extended, provided that the institution reconfirms the application. The card cannot be used for private purposes. The General Terms and Conditions of the Vienna Public Libraries apply.
Form Institution card

Please inform us of a change of address by showing us your library card.

After registering, you will be issued a library card.  

Statements of consent in German or English:

German (PDF, 443 KB)
English (PDF, 67 KB)

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