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Loan, loan periods, and loan renewal

The maximum number of items that can be taken out at one time is 25. This limit applies for both annual library card holders and day card holders. Media packages count as 1 item, independent of how many parts make up the package.

The loan period for DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, videos, and video games is 2 weeks. For all other media, the loan period is 4 weeks.

Reference books are for library use only and are not available for borrowing. Many libraries have photocopying facilities.

Please note:
  • Please use the self-service machines for checking out items in the Central Library on Gürtel and in the Philadelphiabrücke branch.
  • Please check your items for completeness prior to removing them from the library.

Loan period renewal

Items may be renewed up to two times, as long as the items have not been reserved by another borrower at the time the renewal is made.
The following options are available for renewing your library loan (only for items that are not overdue):
  • In person in your library
  • Over the telephone in your library (please note that you will not be issued with a confirmation if you renew your items over the phone)
  • Via the library information service on 01-4000 84500 (Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm)
  • Our online catalogue (click on "account" in the left upper corner) allows you to renew items that are not yet overdue at any time.
Please note: A day card does not entitle you to renew your items or reserve items online!

Late return fine

A fine is levied for the late return of all material at the rate of EUR 0.20 per day and item.

We can help you remember when your items are due – just let us know your e-mail address, either online at http://katalog.buechereien.wien.at, or in person in your library. We will then send you an e-mail 4 days before your items are due to remind you to either renew your loan or return your items when they are due.

To find out how to provide us with your e-mail address online, please consult the help section for the online catalogue.

Reduced annual membership (EUR 3.80)

Concessionary annual library cards are available for secondary school students and university students up to 24 years of age (confirmation of school attendance, confirmation of enrolment), persons in military service or alternative civilian service, and persons whose income meets certain criteria (Mobilpass, Kulturpass or Sozialpass "A" or "P") at a rate of EUR 3.70

Exemption from charges for membership

Children, juveniles aged 14-18, and teachers (when borrowinig material for use in class only) are exempted from temporary charges.


Should your library card get lost or stolen please report the loss immediately (by phone or in person in your library). Bring proof of identity and you will be issued a new library card at a charge of EUR 3.70

Library material must be handled carefully. A penalty charge will be made for any damaged or lost item. Lost or damaged items have to be replaced and an additional fee of EUR 1,10 will be charged.

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