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» Offers for children

Offers for children

KIRANGO adventure space throughout Vienna

KIRANGO - These are separate areas for children set up at all branches of the Vienna Public Libraries. Reading is free of charge for children – that is great in itself, but there is even MORE!

At the children’s plant KIRANGO you will find:
  • 318,200 books (picture books, specialised books, comics, ...)
  • 34,600 CDs, 5,800 tapes (audio books, songs, ...)
  • 18,300 videos and DVDs
  • 7,100 CD-ROMs
  • 600 video games (Wii, Nintendo DS, PS 3, Xbox)
  • Internet screens
  • A separate website at www.kirango.at
  • Places for perusing, reading to others/and listening, and playing

Information about KIRANGO is available on our website www.kirango.at , at kirango@buechereien.wien.at or from the children's librarians at the respective branch libraries. Detailed information on our Buchstart project for promoting reading skills at an early age is available at www.kirango.at/buchstart .

A great number of book and media recommendations for young readers can be found both at www.kirango.at and at this site under media tips for children and young people!

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