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» Media tips and guestbook

Media tips and guestbook

Media tips

Our vast holding of more than 1.5 million media items spoils you for choice. To make sure that the selection process does not get too difficult, let us give you a few tips on how to find the right book for you. Please note that this refers exclusively to books in German.

Latest media tips for children and young people
Here you find the latest media tips for children and young people. Many tips for children up to the age of approximately 13 are also available on the Kirango website under "tips".

The most popular books of the month
Here you can learn from other readers. This list features the top ten of the most popular books of the readers of the Vienna Libraries.

The popular bestseller service is available at the Central Library: here you find the titles of the latest "Kurier" bestseller lists for fiction and non-fiction. Of course you will also find the same titles in other branches – but there might be longer waiting periods …

Neue Wiener Bücherbriefe
The book review magazine "Neue Wiener Bücherbriefe", which is regularly published by the Vienna Libraries, provides reviews of selected new releases of the season broken down by topic.

And if you cannot stand seeing another list or top-ten ranking, we recommend that you talk to the librarian of your trust to make sure you get fully individual and personal good advice – but sorry, we cannot assume any responsibility for possible side effects of the recommended reading!


You want to exchange your views with the editors of this website? Please make an entry in our guestbook and let us have your wishes, suggestions, and complaints.

Please make a suggestion for acquisition of an item in the "media wishes" column should you miss something. If possible your wish will be taken care of! But please check our online catalogue before you make a request – maybe we have already bought the item you are looking for.

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