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» Intercultural library » Learning German

Learning German

Zwei Männer arbeiten an einem PC in der Bücherei © Eva EngelbertVienna is home to many people whose mother tongue is not German and who want to learn or improve their German. To meet this demand, when it comes to language learning special importance is attached to German as a foreign language. At the Vienna Public Libraries you will find:
  • German as a foreign language (DaF) textbooks and workbooks with and without CDs, CD-ROMs / DVD-ROMs
  • German courses for learners with different mother tongues
  • As further support: dictionaries, grammar books, first reader texts, easy reading material, magazines
German-learning tools for children and young people are available as well.

Special programs for learners of German

German at five

The moderated conversation group for people whose mother tongue is not German, "German at five", takes place regularly at the Central Library. For detailed information please click here.

German at the educational centre (Bildungszentrum)

You also have the option of taking part in moderated conversation groups at the new library at the educational centre in Simmering, which take place every Thursday from 5pm to 6pm.

Special guided tours for groups of persons whose mother tongue is not German

This special interactive guided tour through the library for people with little to medium command of German takes into account the participants' language skills and is supported by informational images. The purpose of the guided tour is to give a general overview of the Vienna Public Libraries and to furnish basic information. The focus is on "reading in one’s mother tongue" and on German-learning tools. After having attended this introductory tour, the participants will have gotten to know a place where they are welcome, will be able to find their way in the library system and will have found items or library events of interest to them.

Duration: approx. 1 hour
on appointment with College 1: Claudia Sykora-Bitter
E-mail: claudia.sykora-bitter@wien.gv.at

"Mama lernt Deutsch " ("Mum learns German")

In combination with a guided tour through the library (on appointment with the course instructor) the attendants of the "Mama lernt Deutsch " ("Mum learns German") courses get a concessionary annual ticket for the Vienna Public Libraries.

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