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» Intercultural library » 

Intercultural eventsHemayat Musik © Büchereien Wien

The Central Library makes use of a multitude of forms of events to present their latest publications and discuss current topics as well as other offers available at the libraries. They invite a broad audience to attend discussions, readings, film screenings, presentations etc. to get to know books and their authors and to critically deal with social, political or other current topics.

Priorities of the event program of the Central Library:

Bilingual book readings

Joana adesuwa Reiterer © Büchereien WienThe book readings hosted by the Central Library highlight variety in literature: readings with authors from numerous European and non-European countries are organized on a regular basis. In cooperation with various cultural organizations, university institutions, associations and migrant organizations we present the latest translations of books by authors from all over the world. All books are read in two languages, which makes the readings a great opportunity to become familiar with other languages and literature.

Intercultural events are listed on our German-language site, which is updated on a monthly basis.

OmU (OV with subtitles) – the intercultural library

Hemayat Podium © Büchereien Wien

The OmU series deliberately plays with the concepts of original version and subtitles, mother tongue and translation and, in a loose order, presents books and analyses, as well as other projects dealing with interculturality, cultural and linguistic exchange, but also migration and integration policy and the fight against racism.

Special attention is paid, in this context, to literature by authors who have a migration background. Their works and topics enrich German-speaking literature.
At the ZARA Talks, which are held on a regular basis, various topics and aspects of anti-racism work are discussed.

All intercultural events are listed on our German-language site, which is updated on a monthly basis.

Day of Languages

Workshop für Kinder am Sprachentag in der Bücherei © Julia WeselySince 2007 every 26th of September a day of action for the topic of linguistic diversity and language acquisition has been organized at the Central Library to mark the occasion of the European Day of Languages. The program includes advisory services in cooperation with the adult education centres (VHS) as well as taster language courses, children’s events, special guided tours, music and multilingual book readings.

Intercultural newsletter

If you are interested in receiving regular information about the multilingual and intercultural program of the Vienna Public Libraries please subscribe to our bilingual "intercultural library" newsletter (English, German).

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