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Welcome to Library at the educational centre in Simmering

1110, Gottschalkgasse 10
Head: Jacqueline Kebza
Telephone number: +43 1 4000 10 165 (11 166) or +43 676 / 8118 63818
E-Mail: bildungszentrumsimmering@buechereien.wien.at
Within easy reach of the public transport lines: U3, 6, 71, 15A

Opening hours

Monday: 11.00 - 19.00
Tuesday: 11.00 - 19.00
Wednesday: 11.00 - 19.00
Thursday: 11.00 - 19.00
Friday: 11.00 - 19.00

The educational centre on the premises of the former Simmering market combines a library, a adult education centre and a music school at one site. A shared entrance area and event room, vast space, and perfect public transport connections offer advantages to the users of all three institutions. The library is located at the ground floor of the educational centre; the music school and the adult education centre can be found on upper levels.
The building was designed by the Viennese architect Martin Kohlbauer who won an EU-wide competition for this project in 2006.

At the foyer you will find self-service machines for returning items outside the library opening hours. A wide range of media for adults, young people and children await you and there are cosy and quiet places where you can read, learn and listen to music. There are also eight state-of-the-art computer workstations available for research, working or surfing the web.

A ramp leads you to the children's library, which is located in the building of the former market office and which is under a conservation order. Appropriately designed for children and furnished with modern equipment there is sufficient space to browse through books and hold events, such as our popular crafting and story rounds called "Bookini-Treff" and "Kirangolini", our series of events for early promotion of reading. All events for children are listed on our children's website www.kirango.at.

The library at the educational centre Simmering is also the first branch of the Vienna Public Libraries that has free WLAN. The sites of the public libraries (www.buechereien.wien.at ,www.kirango.at and www.virtuellebuecherei.wien.at) can be accessed without authorization, the password required for all other websites is available at the libraries.

The ground floor of the new educational centre will also house a café where readers can enjoy their books while sipping a cup of coffee.

At the Simmering market you will find everything your heart and soul desire: new spacious rooms, up-to-date technology, an expanded offer of media and events and extended opening hours.

Together with the library at Leberberg, the district of Simmering thus houses two attractive and modern branches of the Vienna Public Libraries.

The events to take place at the library at the educational centre Simmering within the next month are listed here. Just to give you an example, there is a moderated conversation class for people with non-German mother tongue referred to as German at the educational centre. Everyone who wants to practice speaking German is welcome!

Core areas:
  • Foreign-language books / Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
  • Foreign-language books / English
  • Foreign-language books / Hungarian
  • Foreign-language books / Turkish
  • Audio books for adults
  • Health
  • Music
  • Travel guides

Bildung Stadt Wien - Büchereien Wien