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Welcome to Hernals Library!

1170, Hormayrgasse 2
Head: Ernst Simanek
Telephone number: +43 1 4000 17 162
E-Mail: hernals@buechereien.wien.at
Within easy reach of the public transport lines: 9, 43

Opening hours

Monday: 10.00 - 12.00, 13.00 - 18.00
Tuesday: 13.00 - 18.00
Thursday: 10.00 - 12.00, 13.00 - 18.00
Friday: 13.00 - 18.00

When you hear about a library on the move you might think of a library on four wheels. That is not the case. But still, our library does not stand still. It currently tries to find out what is in demand and promptly reacts to the latest trends.

It might even happen that a group of items is discontinued for lack of interest. Don't get us wrong: we are not a slave to ratings and we are not chasing after the zeitgeist. Quite on the contrary: Here you find items and entire focuses that are clearly off-mainstream. French and American comics, Italian novels, or ancient musical recordings or authentic historically-informed performances – these are things you cannot get at the next-best cultural supermarket, but which also appeal to a broader group of people if well-maintained and presented.

Designing a library in a user-oriented way means to be contemporary on the one hand and open for the not-so-usual on the other. It also means using your imagination to cater to the visitors' wishes when presenting the media. For instance by grouping them according to interests, which also makes them more approachable. Or by specifically pointing out to special offers. That strange sign you will find on some media is not a sloppily drawn hemp plant but a Japanese-Chinese Hon character: a tree with a line, meaning a cut-down tree, which stands for paper, which stands for book. You got it? In any case, this sign stands for personal recommendations. And we have a quite a lot of those on offer.

Of course it is not just a coincidence that we are using a Japanese character. Our library has a partnership with the library of the city of Fuchu/Tokyo. We have not entered into this partnership for prestige reasons but rather to form the basis for our diversified selection of media on Japan. If you visit our library and find it somehow cramped in spite of our sometimes quite creative efforts to create room, please also take a look at the other focal topics – including in the children's and juvenile's areas. But if reading this text takes you longer than getting to the library, then set out for Hernals right now.

You will find the library at Elterleinplatz close to the district office ("Bezirksamt"). If in spite of the excellent public transport connections – trams 9 and 43 – you come by car, you may park it at the car lot of the nearby shopping centre.

No matter how you get here – we are looking forward to meeting you!

Core areas:

  • Ancient music
  • Comics
  • Foreign-language books / English
  • Foreign-language books / Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
  • Foreign-language books / Turkish
  • Foreign-language books / Italian
  • Intercultural focus
  • Rock about 7ty


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